A Pokol Kapuja: Doom 3

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Doom 3 zenék

Doom 3 videók

Konzol parancsok
A Doom 3 konzoljával szinte bármit elérhetünk, illetve megváltoztathatunk a játékban. Találtam egy óriási listát amely tartalmazza az összes parancsot, melyet használhatunk. Sajnos angol nyelven van, nézzétek el nekem, hogy nem fordítom le.:)

Talán nem egyértelmű: maguk a konzolparancsok azok, melyek egybe vannak írva (pl.: pm_normalviewheight ) és amit eredményez külön (pl.: height of player's bounding box while standing)

Konzol előhívása:
Alt Gr + 0

af_contactFrictionScale scales the contact friction
af_forceFriction force the given friction value
af_highlightBody name of the body to highlight
af_highlightConstraint name of the constraint to highlight
af_jointFrictionScale scales the joint friction
af_maxAngularVelocity maximum angular velocity
af_maxLinearVelocity maximum linear velocity
af_showActive show tree-like structures of articulated figures not at rest
af_showBodies show bodies
af_showBodyNames show body names
af_showConstrainedBodies show the two bodies contrained by the highlighted constraint
af_showConstraintNames show constraint names
af_showConstraints show constraints
af_showInertia show the inertia tensor of each body
af_showLimits show joint limits
af_showMass show the mass of each body
af_showPrimaryOnly show primary constraints only
af_showTimings show articulated figure cpu usage
af_showTotalMass show the total mass of each articulated figure
af_showTrees show tree-like structures
af_showVelocity show the velocity of each body
af_skipFriction skip friction
af_skipLimits skip joint limits
af_skipSelfCollision skip self collision detection
af_testSolid test for bodies initially stuck in solid
af_timeScale scales the time
af_useImpulseFriction use impulse based contact friction
af_useJointImpulseFriction use impulse based joint friction
af_useLinearTim use linear time algorithm for tree-like structures
af_useSymmetry use constraint matrix symmetry
ai_blockedFailSafe enable blocked fail safe handling
ai_debugMove draws movement information for monsters
ai_debugScript displays script calls for the specified monster entity number
ai_debugTrajectory draws trajectory tests for monsters
ai_showCombatNodes draws attack cones for monsters
ai_showObstacleAvoidance draws obstacle avoidance information for monsters. if 2, draws obstacles for player, as well
ai_showPaths draws path_* entities
cm_backFaceCull cull back facing polygons
cm_debugCollision debug the collision detection
cm_drawColor color used to draw the collision models
cm_drawFilled draw filled polygons
cm_drawInternal draw internal edges green
cm_drawMask collision mask
cm_drawNormals draw polygon and edge normals
com_allowConsole allow ~ to toggle console
com_asyncInput sample input from the async thread
com_asyncSound mix sound from the async thread
com_compressSaveGame compress save games
com_forceGenericSIMD force generic platform independent SIMD
com_journal 1 = record journal, 2 = play back journal
com_machineSpec hardware classification, -1 = not detected, 0 = low quality, 1 = medium quality, 2 = high quality, 3 = ultra quality
com_makingBuild 1 when making a build
com_memoryMarker used as a marker for memory stats
com_preciseTic run one game tick every async thread update
com_purgeAll purge everything between level loads
com_showAsyncStats show async network stats
com_showFPS show frames rendered per second
com_showMemoryUsage show total and per frame memory usage
com_showSoundDecoders show sound decoders
com_skipRenderer skip the renderer completely
com_speeds show engine timings
com_timestampPrints print time with each console print, 1 = msec 2 = sec
com_updateLoadSize update the load size after loading a map
com_videoRam holds the last amount of detected video ram
con_noPrint print on the console but not onscreen when console is pulled up
con_notifyTime time messages are displayed onscreen when console is pulled up
con_speed speed at which the console moves up and down
decl_show set to 1 to print parses, 2 to also print references
g_armorProtection armor takes this percentage of damage
g_armorProtectionMP armor takes this percentage of damage in mp
g_balanceTDM maintain even teams
g_bloodEffects show blood splats, sprays and gibs
g_cinematic skips updating entities that aren't marked 'cinematic' '1' during cinematics
g_cinematicMaxSkipTime # of seconds to allow game to run when skipping cinematic. prevents lock-up when cinematic doesn't end.
g_countDown pregame countdown in seconds
g_damageScale scale final damage on player by this factor
g_debugAnim displays information on which animations are playing on the specified entity number. set to -1 to disable.
g_debugBounds checks for models with bounds > 2048
g_decals show decals such as bullet holes
g_disasm disassemble script into base/script disasm.txt on the local drive when script is compiled
g_doubleVision show double vision when taking damage
g_dragEntity allows dragging physics objects around by placing the crosshair over them and holding the fire button

0 = off
1 = lights
2 = sounds
3 = articulated figures
4 = particle systems
5 = monsters
6 = entity names
7 = entity models
g_exportMask shows AAS stats
g_flushSave 1 = don't buffer file writing for save games.
g_fov field of view
g_frametime displays timing information for each game frame
g_gameReviewPause scores review time in seconds (at end game)
g_healthTakeAmt how much health to take in nightmare mode
g_healthTakeLimit how low can health get taken in nightmare mode
g_healthTakeTime how often to take health in nightmare mode
g_mapCycle map cycling script for multiplayer games - see mapcycle.scriptcfg
g_mpWeaponAngleScale Control the weapon sway in MP
g_muzzleFlash show muzzle flashes
g_nightmare if nightmare mode is allowed
g_password game password
g_projectileLights show dynamic lights on projectiles
g_showActiveEntities draws boxes around thinking entities. dormant entities (outside of pvs) are drawn yellow. non-dormant are green.
g_showBrass enables ejected shells from weapon
g_showcamerainfo displays the current frame # for the camera when playing cinematics
g_showEnemies draws boxes around monsters that have targeted the the player
g_showPlayerShadow enables shadow of player model
g_showProjectilePct enables display of player hit percentage
g_showTargets draws entities and thier targets. hidden entities are drawn grey.
g_showTestModelFrame displays the current animation and frame # for testmodels
g_showTriggers draws trigger entities (orange) and thier targets (green). disabled triggers are drawn grey.
g_skipViewEffects skip damage and other view effects
g_spectatorChat skip damage and other view effects
g_TDMArrows draw arrows over teammates in team deathmatch
g_testModelAnimate test model animation,
0 = cycle anim with origin reset
1 = cycle anim with fixed origin
2 = cycle anim with continuous origin
3 = frame by frame with continuous origin
4 = play anim once
g_testModelBlend number of frames to blend
g_testModelRotate test model rotation speed
g_testParticle test particle visualation, set by the particle editor
g_testParticleName name of the particle being tested by the particle editor
g_testPostProcess name of material to draw over screen
g_timeEntities when non-zero, shows entities whose think functions exceeded the # of milliseconds specified
g_useDynamicProtection scale damage and armor dynamically to keep the player alive more often
g_voteFlags vote flags. bit mask of votes not allowed on this server
gui_filter_gameType Gametype filter
gui_filter_password Password filter
gui_filter_players Players filter
ik_debug show IK debug lines
ik_enable enable IK
image_anisotropy set the maximum texture anisotropy if available
image_cacheMegs maximum MB set aside for temporary loading of full-sized precompressed images
image_cacheMinK maximum KB of precompressed files to read at specification time
image_colorMipLevels development aid to see texture mip usage
image_downSize controls texture downsampling
image_downSizeBump controls normal map downsampling
image_downSizeBumpLimit controls normal map downsample limit
image_downSizeLimit controls diffuse map downsample limit
image_downSizeSpecular controls specular downsampling
image_downSizeSpecularLimit controls specular downsampled limit
image_filter changes texture filtering on mipmapped images
image_ignoreHighQuality ignore high quality setting on materials
image_lodbias change lod bias on mipmapped images
image_preload if 0, dynamically load all images
image_roundDown round bad sizes down to nearest power of two
image_showBackgroundLoads 1 = print number of outstanding background loads
image_useAllFormats allow alpha/intensity/luminance luminance+alpha
image_useCache 1 = do background load image caching
image_useCompression 0 = force everything to high quality
image_useNormalCompression 2 = use rxgb compression for normal maps, 1 = use 256 color compression for normal maps if available
image_useOfflineCompression write a batch file for offline compression of DDS files
image_usePrecompressedTextures use .dds files if present
image_writeNormalTGA write .tgas of the final normal maps for debugging
image_writeNormalTGAPalletized write .tgas of the final palletized normal maps for debugging
image_writePrecompressedTextures write .dds files if necessary
image_writeTGA write .tgas of the non normal maps for debugging
in_alwaysRun always run (reverse _speed button) - only in MP
in_anglespeedkey angle change scale when holding down _speed button
in_freeLook look around with mouse (reverse _mlook button)
in_mouse enable mouse input
in_pitchspeed pitch change speed when holding down look _lookUp or _lookDown button
in_yawspeed yaw change speed when holding down _left or _right button
lcp_showFailures show LCP solver failures
logFile 1 = buffer log, 2 = flush after each print
logFileName name of log file, if empty, qconsole.log will be used
m_pitch mouse pitch scale
m_showMouseRate shows mouse movement
m_smooth number of samples blended for mouse viewing
m_strafeScale mouse strafe movement scale
m_yaw mouse yaw scale
mod_validSkins valid skins for the game
net_allowCheats Allow cheats in network game
net_channelShowDrop show dropped packets
net_channelShowPackets show all packets
net_clientMaxRate maximum rate requested by client from server in bytes/sec
net_clientPredictGUI test guis in networking without prediction
net_clientPrediction additional client side prediction in milliseconds
net_clientRemoteConsoleAddress remote console address
net_clientRemoteConsolePassword remote console password
net_clientServerTimeout server time out in seconds
net_clientUsercmdBackup number of usercmds to resend
net_forceDrop percentage packet loss
net_forceLatency milliseconds latency
net_ip local IP address
net_LANServer config LAN games only - affects clients and servers
net_master0 idnet master server address
net_master1 1st master server address
net_master2 2nd master server address
net_master3 3rd master server address
net_master4 4th master server address
net_port local IP port number
net_serverAllowServerMod allow server-side mods
net_serverClientTimeout client time out in seconds
net_serverDedicated 1 = text console dedicated server, 2 = graphical dedicated server
net_serverDrawClient number of client for which to draw view on server
net_serverMaxClientRate maximum rate to a client in bytes/sec
net_serverMaxUsercmdRelay maximum number of usercmds from other clients the server relays to a client
net_serverReloadEngine perform a full reload on next map restart (including flushing referenced pak files) - decreased if > 0
net_serverRemoteConsolePassword remote console password
net_serverSnapshotDelay delay between snapshots in milliseconds
net_serverZombieTimeout disconnected client timeout in seconds
net_verbose 1 = verbose output, 2 = even more verbose output
password client password used when connecting
pm_air how long in milliseconds the player can go without air before he starts taking damage
pm_bboxwidth x/y size of player's bounding box
pm_crouchbob bob much faster when crouched
pm_crouchheight height of player's bounding box while crouched
pm_crouchrate time it takes for player's view to change from standing to crouching
pm_crouchspeed speed the player can move while crouched
pm_crouchviewheight height of player's view while crouched
pm_deadheight height of player's bounding box while dead
pm_deadviewheight height of player's view while dead
pm_jumpheight approximate hieght the player can jump
pm_maxviewpitch amount player's view can look down
pm_minviewpitch amount player's view can look up (negative values are up)
pm_modelView draws camera from POV of player model (1 = always, 2 = when dead)
pm_noclipspeed speed the player can move while in noclip
pm_normalheight height of player's bounding box while standing
pm_normalviewheight height of player's view while standing
pm_runbob bob faster when running
pm_runspeed speed the player can move while running
pm_spectatebbox size of the spectator bounding box
pm_spectatespeed speed the player can move while spectating
pm_stamina length of time player can run
pm_staminarate rate that player regains stamina. divide pm_stamina by this value to determine how long it takes to fully recharge.
pm_staminathreshold when stamina drops below this value, player gradually slows to a walk
pm_stepsize maximum height the player can step up without jumping
pm_thirdPerson enables third person view
pm_thirdPersonAngle direction of camera from player in 3rd person in degrees (0 = behind player, 180 = in front)
pm_thirdPersonClip clip third person view into world space
pm_thirdPersonDeath enables third person view when player dies
pm_thirdPersonHeight height of camera from normal view height in 3rd person
pm_thirdPersonRange camera distance from player in 3rd person
pm_usecylinder use a cylinder approximation instead of a bounding box for player collision detection
pm_walkbob bob slowly when walking
pm_walkspeed speed the player can move while walking
r_brightness changes gamma tables
r_cgFragmentProfile arbfp1, fp30
r_cgVertexProfile arbvp1, vp20, vp30
r_checkBounds compare all surface bounds with precalculated ones
r_clear force screen clear every frame, 1 = purple, 2 = black, 'r g b' = custom
r_customHeight custom screen heigh
r_customWidth custom screen width
r_debugArrowStep step size of arrow cone line rotation in degrees
r_debugLineDepthTest perform depth test on debug lines
r_debugLineWidth width of debug lines
r_debugPolygonFilled draw a filled polygon
r_demonstrateBug used during development to show IHV's their problems
r_displayRefresh optional display refresh rate option for vid mode
r_finish force a call to glFinish() every frame
r_flareSize scale the flare deforms from the material def
r_forceLoadImages draw all images to screen after registration
r_frontBuffer draw to front buffer for debugging
r_fullscreen 0 = windowed, 1 = full screen
r_gamma changes gamma tables
r_glDriver "opengl32", etc.
r_hdr_bloomFraction fraction to smear across neighbors
r_hdr_exposure maximum light scale
r_hdr_gamma monitor gamma power
r_hdr_monitorDither random dither in monitor space
r_hdr_useFloats use a floating point rendering buffer
r_ignore used for random debugging without defining new vars
r_ignore2 used for random debugging without defining new vars
r_ignoreGLErrors ignore GL errors
r_inhibitFragmentProgram ignore the fragment program extension
r_jitter randomly subpixel jitter the projection matrix
r_jointNameOffset offset of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1
r_jointNameScale size of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1
r_lightAllBackFaces light all the back faces, even when they would be shadowed
r_lightScale all light intensities are multiplied by this
r_lightSourceRadius for soft-shadow sampling
r_lockSurfaces allow moving the view point without changing the composition of the scene, including culling
r_logFile number of frames to emit GL logs
r_materialOverride overrides all materials
r_megaTextureLevel draw only a specific level
r_mergeModelSurfaces combine model surfaces with the same material
r_mode video mode number
r_multiSamples number of antialiasing samples
r_offsetfactor polygon offset parameter
r_offsetunits polygon offset parameter
r_orderIndexes perform index reorganization to optimize vertex use
r_renderer hardware specific renderer path to use
r_sb_biasScale scale factor for jitter bias
r_sb_frustomFOV oversize FOV for point light side matching
r_sb_jitterScale scale factor for jitter offset
r_sb_lightResolution Pixel dimensions for each shadow buffer, 64 - 2048
r_sb_linearFilter use GL_LINEAR instead of GL_NEAREST on shadow maps
r_sb_noShadows don't draw any occluders
r_sb_occluderFacing 0 = front faces, 1 = back faces, 2 = midway between
r_sb_polyOfsFactor polygonOffset factor for drawing shadow buffer
r_sb_polyOfsUnits polygonOffset units for drawing shadow buffer
r_sb_randomize randomly offset jitter texture each draw
r_sb_samples 0, 1, 4, or 16
r_sb_screenSpaceShadow build shadows in screen space instead of on surfaces
r_sb_showFrustumPixels color the pixels contained in the frustum
r_sb_singleSide only draw a single side (0-5) of point lights
r_sb_useCulling cull geometry to individual side frustums
r_sb_usePbuffer draw offscreen
r_sb_viewResolution Width of screen space shadow sampling
r_screenFraction for testing fill rate, the resolution of the entire screen can be changed
r_shadowPolygonFactor scale value for stencil shadow drawing
r_shadowPolygonOffset bias value added to depth test for stencil shadow drawing
r_shadows enable shadows
r_showAlloc report alloc/free counts
r_showCull report sphere and box culling stats
r_showDefs report the number of modeDefs and lightDefs in view
r_showDemo report reads and writes to the demo file
r_showDepth display the contents of the depth buffer and the depth range
r_showDominantTri draw lines from vertexes to center of dominant triangles
r_showDynamic report stats on dynamic surface generation
r_showEdges draw the sil edges
r_showEntityScissors show entity scissor rectangles
r_showImages 1 = show all images instead of rendering, 2 = show in proportional size
r_showIntensity draw the screen colors based on intensity, red = 0, green = 128, blue = 255
r_showInteractionFrustums 1 = show a frustum for each interaction, 2 = also draw lines to light origin, 3 = also draw entity bbox
r_showInteractions report interaction generation activity
r_showInteractionScissors 1 = show screen rectangle which contains the interaction frustum, 2 = also draw construction lines
r_showLightCount 1 = colors surfaces based on light count, 2 = also count everything through walls, 3 = also print overdraw
r_showLights 1 = just print volumes numbers, highlighting ones covering the view, 2 = also draw planes of each volume, 3 = also draw edges of each volume
r_showLightScale report the scale factor applied to drawing for overbrights
r_showLightScissors show light scissor rectangles
r_showMegaTexture display all the level images
r_showMegaTextureLabels draw colored blocks in each tile
r_showMemory print frame memory utilization
r_showNormals draws wireframe normals
r_showOverDraw 1 = geometry overdraw, 2 = light interaction overdraw, 3 = geometry and light interaction overdraw
r_showPortals draw portal outlines in color based on passed / not passed
r_showPrimitives report drawsurf/index/vertex counts
r_showShadowCount colors screen based on shadow volume depth complexity, >= 2 = print overdraw count based on stencil index values, 3 = only show turboshadows, 4 = only show static shadows
r_showShadows 1 = visualize the stencil shadow volumes, 2 = draw filled in
r_showSilhouette highlight edges that are casting shadow planes
r_showSmp show which end (front or back) is blocking
r_showSurfaceInfo show surface material name under crosshair
r_showSurfaces report surface/light/shadow counts
r_showTangentSpace shade triangles by tangent space, 1 = use 1st tangent vector, 2 = use 2nd tangent vector, 3 = use normal vector
r_showTexturePolarity shade triangles by texture area polarity
r_showTextureVectors if > 0 draw each triangles texture (tangent) vectors
r_showTrace show the intersection of an eye trace with the world
r_showTris enables wireframe rendering of the world, 1 = only draw visible ones, 2 = draw all front facing, 3 = draw all
r_showUnsmoothedTangents if 1, put all nvidia register combiner programming in display lists
r_showUpdates report entity and light updates and ref counts
r_showVertexColor draws all triangles with the solid vertex color
r_showViewEntitys 1 = displays the bounding boxes of all view models, 2 = print index numbers
r_singleArea only draw the portal area the view is actually in
r_singleEntity suppress all but one entity
r_singleLight suppress all but one light
r_singleSurface suppress all but one surface on each entity
r_singleTriangle only draw a single triangle per primitive
r_skipAmbient bypasses all non-interaction drawing
r_skipBackEnd don't draw anything
r_skipBlendLights skip all blend lights
r_skipBump uses a flat surface instead of the bump map
r_skipCopyTexture do all rendering, but don't actually copyTexSubImage2D
r_skipDeforms leave all deform materials in their original state
r_skipDiffuse use black for diffuse
r_skipDynamicTextures don't dynamically create textures
r_skipFogLights skip all fog lights
r_skipFrontEnd bypasses all front end work, but 2D gui rendering still draws
r_skipGuiShaders 1 = skip all gui elements on surfaces, 2 = skip drawing but still handle events, 3 = draw but skip events
r_skipInteractions skip all light/surface interaction drawing
r_skipLightScale don't do any post-interaction light scaling, makes things dim on low-dynamic range cards
r_skipMegaTexture only use the lowest level image
r_skipNewAmbient bypasses all vertex/fragment program ambient drawing
r_skipOverlays skip overlay surfaces
r_skipParticles 1 = skip all particle systems
r_skipPostProcess skip all post-process renderings
r_skipRender skip 3D rendering, but pass 2D
r_skipRenderContext NULL the rendering context during backend 3D rendering
r_skipROQ skip ROQ decoding
r_skipSpecular use black for specular1
r_skipSubviews 1 = don't render any gui elements on surfaces
r_skipSuppress ignore the per-view suppressions
r_skipTranslucent skip the translucent interaction rendering
r_skipUpdates 1 = don't accept any entity or light updates making everything static
r_slopNormal merge normals that dot less than this
r_slopTexCoord merge texture coordinates this far apart
r_slopVertex merge xyz coordinates this far apart
r_subviewOnly 1 = don't render main view, allowing subviews to be debugged
r_swapInterval changes wglSwapInterval
r_terrainScale vertically scale USGS data
r_testARBProgram experiment with vertex/fragment programs
r_testGamma if > 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels
r_testGammaBias if > 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels
r_testStepGamma if > 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels
r_useCachedDynamicModels cache snapshots of dynamic models
r_useClippedLightScissors 0 = full screen when near clipped, 1 = exact when near clipped, 2 = exact always
r_useCombinerDisplayLists put all nvidia register combiner programming in display lists
r_useConstantMaterials use pre-calculated material registers if possible
r_useCulling 0 = none, 1 = sphere, 2 = sphere + box
r_useDeferredTangents defer tangents calculations after deform
r_useDepthBoundsTest use depth bounds test to reduce shadow fill
r_useEntityCallbacks if 0, issue the callback immediately at update time, rather than defering
r_useEntityCulling 0 = none, 1 = box
r_useEntityScissors 1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each entity
r_useExternalShadows 1 = skip drawing caps when outside the light volume, 2 = force to no caps for testing
r_useFrustumFarDistance if != 0 force the view frustum far distance to this distance
r_useIndexBuffers use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for indexes
r_useInfiniteFarZ use the no-far-clip-plane trick
r_useInteractionCulling 1 = cull interactions
r_useInteractionScissors 1 = use a custom scissor rectangle for each shadow interaction, 2 = also crop using portal scissors
r_useInteractionTable create a full entityDefs * lightDefs table to make finding interactions faster
r_useLightCulling 0 = none, 1 = box, 2 = exact clip of polyhedron faces, 3 = also areas
r_useLightPortalFlow use a more precise area reference determination
r_useLightScissors 1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each light
r_useNodeCommonChildren stop pushing reference bounds early when possible
r_useNV20MonoLights use pass optimization for mono lights
r_useOptimizedShadows use the dmap generated static shadow volumes
r_usePortals 1 = use portals to perform area culling, otherwise draw everything
r_usePreciseTriangleInteractions 1 = do winding clipping to determine if each ambiguous tri should be lit
r_useScissor scissor clip as portals and lights are processed
r_useShadowCulling try to cull shadows from partially visible lights
r_useShadowProjectedCull discard triangles outside light volume before shadowing
r_useShadowSurfaceScissor scissor shadows by the scissor rect of the interaction surfaces
r_useShadowVertexProgram do the shadow projection in the vertex program on capable cards
r_useSilRemap consider verts with the same XYZ, but different ST the same for shadows
r_useStateCaching avoid redundant state changes in GL_*() calls
r_useTripleTextureARB cards with 3+ texture units do a two pass instead of three pass
r_useTurboShadow use the infinite projection with W technique for dynamic shadows
r_useTwoSidedStencil do stencil shadows in one pass with different ops on each side
r_useVertexBuffers use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for vertexes
r_znear near Z clip plane distance
rb_showActive show rigid bodies that are not at rest
rb_showBodies show rigid bodies
rb_showInertia show the inertia tensor of each rigid body
rb_showMass show the mass of each rigid body
rb_showTimings show rigid body cpu usage
rb_showVelocity show the velocity of each rigid body
s_doorDistanceAdd reduce sound volume with this distance when going through a door
s_globalFraction volume to all speakers when not spatialized
s_minVolume6 shows AAS stats
s_noSound shows AAS stats
s_numberOfSpeakers number of speakers
s_playDefaultSound play a beep for missing sounds
s_quadraticFalloff shows AAS stats
s_realTimeDecoding shows AAS stats
s_reverse shows AAS stats
s_showLevelMeter shows AAS stats
s_showStartSound shows AAS stats
s_singleEmitter mute all sounds but this emitter
s_spatializationDecay shows AAS stats
s_subFraction volume to subwoofer in 5.1
s_useOcclusion shows AAS stats
s_volume_dB volume in dB
sensitivity mouse view sensitivity
si_fragLimit frag limit
si_gameType game type - singleplayer, deathmatch, Tourney, Team DM or Last Man
si_map map to be played next on server
si_maxPlayers max number of players allowed on the server
si_name name of the server
si_pure server is pure and does not allow modified data
si_spectators allow spectators or require all clients to play
si_teamDamage enable team damage
si_timeLimit time limit in minutes
si_usePass enable client password checking
si_version engine version
si_warmup do pre-game warmup
timescale scales the time
ui_autoReload auto reload weapon
ui_autoSwitch auto switch weapon
ui_name player name
ui_ready player is ready to start playing
ui_showGun show gun
ui_skin player skin
ui_spectate play or spectate
ui_team player team
win_allowMultipleInstances allow multiple instances running concurrently
win_notaskkeys disable windows task keys
win_timerUpdate allows the game to be updated while dragging the window
win_username windows user name
win_xpos horizontal position of window
win_ypos vertical position of window

aasStats shows AAS stats
addarrow adds a debug arrow
addChatLine internal use - core to game chat lines
addline adds a debug line
aviCmdDemo writes AVIs for a command demo
aviDemo writes AVIs for a demo
aviGame writes AVIs for the current game
benchmark benchmark
bind binds a command to a key
bindRagdoll binds ragdoll at the current drag position
bindunbindtwo binds a key but unbinds it first if there are more tha n two binds
blinkline blinks a debug line
centerview centers the view
checkNewVersion check if a new version of the game is available
clear clears the console
clearLights clears all lights
clientDropWeapon drop current weapon
clientMessageMode ingame gui message mode
clientVoiceChat voice chats: clientVoiceChat
clientVoiceChatTeam team voice chats: clientVoiceChat
closeViewNotes close the view showing any notes for this map
collisionModelInfo shows collision model info
combineCubeImages combines six images for roq compression
compressDemo compresses a demo file
conDump dumps the console text to a file
connect connects to a server
crash causes a crash
cvar_restart restart the cvar system
damage apply damage to an entity
debugger launches the Script Debugger
deleteSelected deletes selected entity
demoShot writes a screenshot for a demo
devmap loads a map in developer mode
dir lists a folder
dirtree lists a folder with subfolders
disasmScript disassembles script
disconnect disconnects from a game
dmap compiles a map
echo prints text
editAFs launches the in-game Articulated Figure Editor
editDecls launches the in-game Declaration Editor
editGUIs launches the GUI Editor
editLights launches the in-game Light Editor
editor launches the level editor Radiant
editParticles launches the in-game Particle Editor
editPDAs launches the in-game PDA Editor
editScripts launches the in-game Script Editor
editSounds launches the in-game Sound Editor
envshot takes an environment shot
error causes an error
exec executes a config file
execMachineSpec execs the appropriate config files and sets cvars base d on com_machineSpec
exit exits the game
exitCmdDemo exits a command demo
exportmodels exports models
finishBuild finishes the build process
freeze freezes the game for a number of seconds
game_memory displays game class info
gameError causes a game error
gameKick same as kick, but recognizes player names
getviewpos prints the current view position
gfxInfo show graphics info
give gives one or more items
god enables god mode
heartbeat send a heartbeat to the the master servers
help shows help
hitch hitches the game
in_restart restarts the input system
keepTestModel keeps the last test model in the game
kick kick a client by connection number
kill kills the player
killMonsters removes all monsters
killMoveables removes all moveables
killRagdolls removes all ragdolls
LANScan scans LAN for servers
listActiveEntities lists active game entities
listAF lists articulated figures
listAnims lists all animations
listAudios lists Audios
listBinds lists key bindings
listClasses lists game classes
listCmds lists commands
listCollisionModels lists collision models
listCvars lists cvars
listDecls lists all decls
listDictKeys lists all keys used by dictionaries
listDictValues lists all values used by dictionaries
listEmails lists Emails
listEntities lists game entities
listEntityDefs lists entity defs
listFX lists FX systems
listGameCmds lists game commands
listGuis lists guis
listHuffmanFrequencies lists decl text character frequencies
listImages lists images
listLines lists all debug lines
listMaterials lists materials
listModelDefs lists model defs
listModels lists all models
listModes lists all video modes
listMonsters lists monsters
listParticles lists particle systems
listPDAs lists PDAs
listRenderEntityDefs lists the entity defs
listRendererCmds lists renderer commands
listRenderLightDefs lists the light defs
listServers lists scanned servers
listSkins lists skins
listSoundCmds lists sound commands
listSoundDecoders list active sound decoders
listSounds lists all sounds
listSoundShaders lists sound shaders
listSpawnArgs list the spawn args of an entity
listSystemCmds lists system commands
listTables lists tables
listThreads lists script threads
listToolCmds lists tool commands
listTypeInfo list type info
listVertexCache lists vertex cache
listVideos lists Videos
loadGame loads a game
localizeGuis localize guis
localizeMaps localize maps
makeAmbientMap makes an ambient map
MakeMegaTexture processes giant images
map loads a map
memoryDump creates a memory dump
memoryDumpCompressed creates a compressed memory dump
modulateLights modifies shader parms on all lights
nextAnim shows next animation on test model
nextFrame shows next animation frame on test model
nextGUI teleport the player to the next func_static with a gui
nextMap loads the next map on the server
noclip disables collision detection for the player
notarget disables the player as a target
parse prints tokenized string
path lists search paths
playCmdDemo plays back a command demo
playDemo plays back a demo
playerModel sets the given model on the player
popLight removes the last created light
prevAnim shows previous animation on test model
prevFrame shows previous animation frame on test model
printAF prints an articulated figure
printAudio prints an Video
printEmail prints an Email
printEntityDef prints an entity def
printFX prints an FX system
printMaterial prints a material
printModel prints model info
printModelDefs prints a model def
printParticle prints a particle system
printPDA prints an PDA
printSkin prints a skin
printSoundShader prints a sound shader
printTable prints a table
printVideo prints a Audio
promptKey prompt and sets the CD Key
quit quits the game
rcon sends remote console command to server
reconnect reconnect to the last server we tried to connect to
recordDemo records a demo
recordViewNotes record the current view position with notes
reexportmodels reexports models
regenerateWorld regenerates all interactions
reloadanims reloads animations
reloadARBprograms reloads ARB programs
reloadCgPrograms reloads CG programs
reloadDecls reloads decls
reloadEngine reloads the engine down to including the file system
reloadGuis reloads guis
reloadImages reloads images
reloadLanguage reload language dict
reloadModels reloads models
reloadScript reloads scripts
reloadSounds reloads all sounds
reloadSurface reloads the decl and images for selected surface
remove removes an entity
removeline removes a debug line
renderbump renders a bump map
renderbumpFlat renders a flat bump map
reportImageDuplication checks all referenced images for duplications
reportSurfaceAreas lists all used materials sorted by surface area
rescanSI internal - rescan serverinfo cvars and tell game
reset resets a cvar
roq encodes a roq file
runAAS compiles an AAS file for a map
runAASDir compiles AAS files for all maps in a folder
runReach calculates reachability for an AAS file
s_restart restarts the sound system
saveGame saves a game
saveLights saves all lights to the .map file
saveMoveables save all moveables to the .map file
saveParticles saves all lights to the .map file
saveRagdolls save all ragdoll poses to the .map file
saveSelected saves the selected entity to the .map file
say text chat
sayTeam team text chat
screenshot takes a screenshot
script executes a line of script
serverForceReady force all players ready
serverInfo shows server info
serverMapRestart restart the current game
serverNextMap change to the next map
set sets a cvar
seta sets a cvar and flags it as archive
setMachineSpec detects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec t o appropriate value
sets sets a cvar and flags it as server info
sett sets a cvar and flags it as tool
setu sets a cvar and flags it as user info
setviewpos sets the current view position
showDictMemory shows memory used by dictionaries
showInteractionMemory shows memory used by interactions
showStringMemory shows memory used by strings
showTriSurfMemory shows memory used by triangle surfaces
showViewNotes show any view notes for the current map, successive ca lls will cycle to the next note
sizeDown makes the rendered view smaller
sizeUp makes the rendered view larger
spawn spawns a game entity
spawnServer spawns a server
startBuild prepares to make a build
stopRecording stops demo recording
takeViewNotes take notes about the current map from the current view
takeViewNotes2 extended take view notes
teleport teleports the player to an entity location
testAnim tests an animation
testBlend tests animation blending
testBoneFx tests an FX system bound to a joint
testDamage tests a damage def
testDeath tests death
testFx tests an FX system
testGUI tests a gui
testImage displays the given image centered on screen
testLight tests a light
testmap tests a map
testModel tests a model
testParticleStopTime tests particle stop time on a test model
testPointLight tests a point light
testSave writes out a test savegame
testSaveGame test a save game for a level
testShaderParm sets a shaderParm on an existing testModel
testSIMD test SIMD code
testSkin tests a skin on an existing testModel
testSound tests a sound
testVideo displays the given cinematic
timeCmdDemo times a command demo
timeDemo times a demo
timeDemoQuit times a demo and quits
toggle toggles a cvar
touch touches a decl
touchFile touches a file
touchFileList touches a list of files
touchGui touches a gui
touchModel touches a model
trigger triggers an entity
unbind unbinds any command from a key
unbindall unbinds any commands from all keys
unbindRagdoll unbinds the selected ragdoll
updateUI internal - cause a sync down of game-modified userinfo
vid_restart restarts renderSystem
vstr inserts the current value of a cvar as command text
wait delays remaining buffered commands one or more frames
weaponSplat projects a blood splat on the player weapon
where prints the current view position
writeCmdDemo writes a command demo
writeConfig writes a config file
writeGameState write game state
writePrecache writes precache commands

A Játékról

Új Fegyverek (Resurrection of Evil)

Új Ellenségek (Resurrection of Evil)

Új Tárgyak (Resurrection of Evil)


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Mégtöbb Doom 3

Légy te is Farmasi tanácsadó! Kötetlen munka, befektetés nékül, minõségi termékek, jó kereseti lehetõség!    *****    Sztárok/Bulvár: Tudj meg friss pletykákat, híreket. Katt!    *****    Outsider - Gay - Creative - Rebel - Tolerant - Furry - Brony - Hipster - Gamer - Otherkin - Geek - Autistic    *****    Xtina Hungary - Minden, ami Christina Aguilera!    *****    Légy Te is AVON tanácsadó *** Nyereményjátékok *** Kereseti lehetõség *** Vásárolj kedvezményesen AVON termékeket!    *****    Nyerj ajándékszettet! Töltsd ki a kérdõívet és nyerj! *** Nyerj ajándékszettet! Töltsd ki a kérdõívet és nyerj!    *****    Jófogás Játékvásár - Jófogás Játékvásár - Jófogás Játékvásár - Jófogás Játékvásár     *****    FRPG ● FANTASY SZEREPJÁTÉK ●「ΒΛSMΛIW」 ● FANTASY SZEREPJÁTÉK ● EGY SZIGET + 24 MÁGUS ● FANTASY SZEREPJÁT&Eacut    *****    Itt megtalálhatod a legfrissebb híreket, cikkeket, képeket a Golden Globe- és Oscar-díjas színésznõrõl! Katt!    *****    Furry Fandom - Antropomorf Állatok - Furry Fandom - Antropomorf Állatok - Furry Fandom - Antropomorf Állatok    *****    Légy Te is AVON tanácsadó *** AVON termékek *** Kereseti lehetõség *** Értékesítõ kollégákat keresek *** sminkek    *****    Esküvõi meghívók! Mindegyik kézzel készült, egyedi. Gyere, nézd meg az oldalamat.    *****    A legfrissebb Anime hírek , mindennap anime ajánló , mondocon képek , és hírek. Csatlakozz közösségünkhöz!    *****    Rendelj bármilyen asztrológiai elemzést,júniusban Te mondod meg,hogy mennyit szeretnél érte fizetni!Várlak az oldalamon!    *****    Egyetemistáknak kiemelt lakások eladóak. www.simonyiingatlan.hu Debrecen eladó kiváló lakások. www.simonyiingatlan.hu    *****    Egyetemistáknak kiemelt lakások eladóak. www.simonyiingatlan.hu Debrecen eladó kiváló lakások. www.simonyiingatlan.hu    *****    NÁLAM NINCSENNEK AKCIÓK, MINDEN ASZTROLÓGIAI ELEMZÉS "BECSÜLET KASSZÁS", A KONZULTÁCIÓ ÉS OKTATÁS INGYENES.    *****    **** Nokedli-lapja****Családi magazin****18-98 éves korosztály mindent megtalál itt, játékoktól a hírekig*****    *****    KÜLÖNLEGES AKCIÓ A CSILLAGJÖVÕ OLDALON JÚNIUSBAN.TE DÖNTHETED EL MENNYIBE KERÜLJÖN A HOROSZKÓP MEGRENDELÉSEID ÁRA!    *****    Minden héten anime/managa hírek , minden nap Anime ajánlók , Mondocon hírek. Itt nem fogsz unatkozni!! :)